My reputation is driven by my passion

I care deeply about each of my clients and their heart. Birth is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have and it’s my goal to make sure you are at peace and your birth is everything you hoped it would be.

Now, a word from my Mama’s…

These are real stories from real people. It’s my goal to make sure every one of my mama’s voices are heard throughout their journey, so it’s nice to hear what they have to say after they’ve finished!

It was a scary thing when I decided I wanted to have a natural child birth. With my other two deliveries I instantly got an epidural with no thoughts. After a scary experience though with my second epidural and a month of spinal headaches I was sure I wanted to try. This is when I found Erika. As I entered my third trimester my blood pressure climbed and I was told I would need to be heart sank as I knew pitocin would make it hard to have a successful natural delivery but Erika was there to reassure me it was possible. Erika stayed by my side and went way out of her way to make sure I was comfortable my whole pregnancy and birthing experience. She made suggestions and was really able to make my husband feel involved, which he still talks about. Erika stayed at the hospital the long 11 hours I was being induced and laboring. She helped guide me into positions, encourage me, and pray for me. I ended up having a successful natural birth like I wanted and I have no doubt it was due to Erika and her help. I would highly recommend Erika to anyone needing extra support with their birthing process. She was a gem to work with.

- Avery

When I first thought of the idea of a doula I wasn’t completely sold. Not because I think they aren’t an important part of the laboring and birth experience, but because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share that experience with anyone besides my husband, but the closer I got to giving birth, the more I realized I wanted someone to help me manage my pain, encourage me, help me achieve my goal of a natural child birth, and to just be able to empathize with my experience. Erika blew me away with her care. She has such a calming and encouraging presence. She’s not pushy, and she listens to what the mother desires. She is as hands-on or as hands-off as you want her to be. When my contractions were intense she helped relieve the pain and at times would literally hold my weight! Superwoman! She even taught my husband how to be a better helper throughout the process. I do not believe I would have had the motivation and strength to achieve my dream of laboring mostly at home and giving birth naturally if it weren’t for Erika. She was just what I needed, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula.

- Hannah

My Husband and I were pregnant with our second child and I knew I wanted A doula as I had one with my first born. My previous Doula moved away , so I began searching for a new one.
I really wanted a Doula who was a Christian. It meant a lot to me to have a Doula that had a love for Christ as I did. I couldn’t find anyone! Then a friend of mine told me about Erika. Instantly contacted her and she got back to me very quickly. When I met her I instantly knew she was exactly what I was looking for.
When I went into Labor and went to the hospital she came quickly after. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. She talked me through every contraction and used pressure techniques that helped with the pain.
During the hardest time of my labor she prayed with me and played worship music that got me through pushing Matthew out. God really blessed me with Erika!! My husband didnt believe in Doula’s until Erika.
He could now understand why I wanted her by my side. He said he would never doubt a Doula’s worth ever again. What Erika does is such a gift and Im so thankful God blessed me with her. I am forever Grateful!


Erika was excellent as a doula.  She was well worth it to assist with our child’s birth.  She was available throughout the pregnancy to take calls and answer questions.  She arrived at the hospital shortly after us, assisted with birthing positions, and stayed until we were comfortable after baby’s birth.  If anyone were considering a doula, we would highly recommend her.

- Clint and Elisabeth

Erika was such an amazing doula, support system and friend throughout my entire pregnancy! When I need encouragement or just to talk she was there for me. I had such an amazing birth and have her to thank , she helped me breath and concentrate through my contractions! She held my hand when I just needed someone ! I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me throughout my entire pregnancy! It’s such an empowering and emotional experience going natural and I couldn’t imagine her not being there , I was so blessed to have an amazing women I can call my friend helping me through it !! If you need a doula and amazing support system Erika is who you want on your birth journey!

- Lauren

I am so thankful Erika was able to attend our birth. Her support and her gentle encouragement helped me through some of the hardest parts of labor. She gave me space when I needed it and was right next to me when I needed it. My two small children were present at the birth of their little sister and she was wonderful with them. She wasn’t there to just support me, but supported my entire family. She helped the little ones to not be afraid of what was happening. She helped me, reminding me to breathe and vocalize. Her calmness and gentle voice really helped me to focus as I worked through each contraction. I just loved having an extra support person at my birth that I knew was safe, understanding, calm, and knowledgeable. 


Erika was simply awesome during the birth of our first child. She was great at showing me how to help during the contractions and actually making me useful during the birth. She suggested positions and advised us on breaking my wife’s waters. As the doctors told us that we needed a C-Section to ensure the safety of mom and baby, she asked all of the questions we didn’t even think to ask for us which was very helpful.

Throughout the entire thing I think the thing that truly spoke to how much she cared for us is that as we snagged a nap as the epidural set in she stayed up and prayed for us, and right before the doctors took us to the operating room she stopped and prayed with us.

Erika was a huge blessing to us during the birth of our daughter and can’t imagine having done it without her!

Matt (father)

We are so glad to have had Erika at the birth of our daughter! As first time parents, we didn’t know what we were doing so we wanted a professional there who could provide advice, give emotional support, and help us with decision making. We found all of that in Erika! She helped me with positioning during contractions and gave me verbal coaching to help me relax which were very effective for me. While she was doing this for me, she was also coaching my husband to help me which I really appreciated. She helped me decide whether to get my water broken and was supportive when I opted for an epidural. In the end I had a C section for issues with the baby, and it gave us so much comfort having Erika pray over us before going to the OR. Overall, we are so thankful to have had Erika there. She definitely made it a smooth, rewarding, positive experience and I can’t imagine if she hadn’t been there!

Stephanie (mother)

Erika is a gem! We hadn’t met her before we considered her for a doula, and my introverted, private nature made me a little nervous to hire anyone to be involved in my most vulnerable experience- birthing a baby! But she was so personable in the interview, we figured she would be a good fit for us. And she really was amazing! She kept in touch very intentionally as my due date was approaching and I felt like I got to know her as I took advantage of her knowledge by asking a bunch of questions. Then when my labor started she was so amazing in all the ways she helped us and I felt comfortable just letting go and letting my body take over. 

My husband and I took intensive natural child birth classes beforehand, so he was my main coach/helper. Per our request, Erika took a “backseat” and let him be the main one I interacted with. “Backseat” is in quotations because that term completely minimizes how vital she was to us. I didn’t want my husband to ever leave my side, but of course I had needs that required someone to leave the room. That was Erika- she ran and got me food, filled my water bottle, got hospital staff, grabbed extra towels, etc as we needed them. My husband also really needed someone to take care of him- my labor ended up lasting 42 hours! He was exhausted and needed help helping me. When he got tired, Erika stepped in and was entirely there for me physically and emotionally. We are the praying type, and she prayed over us which was so comforting. Towards the end, she and my husband were working equally hard on my behalf, helping me hold position for pushing, helping me stay hydrated, all of it. Aside from all the practical/physical help, we were mentally at ease the whole time because she was in the room. Before we went to the hospital, and as staff came and went from the room once we were there, we knew we had a professional keeping an eye on things. I never had to worry if anything was going wrong because Erika would have let me know if she was worried.

Also, and I think this is huge, the hospital staff talked SO highly of her behind her back haha. They said some doulas are awkward for them to work with, or are “just weird”, but they said they LOVED Erika and that she was so sweet.

I could go on and on, but the long and short of it is- Erika won’t disappoint you!! If you hire her you can be sure you are hiring someone who knows her stuff, can take command if needed, but is also very good at reading the situation and non-verbal cues of everyone involved! I recommend her with no reservations!

- Janie